Eagle Eye Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc. - Bridging the Medical and Judicial Fields

Your next appointment has arrived.  An elderly woman, frail and exhausted, sits down across from you.  She looks into your eyes and begins to tell you a story of how a year ago she had fallen, was admitted to the hospital, and it has been a nightmare for her ever since.  Her story entails misdiagnoses of a hip fracture, mistreatment by staff, long delays for care, unnecessary surgeries, transferring to the rehabilitation facility, developing a bed sore, and on and on.  This woman could be your grandmother, your mother, your aunt or sister.  She asks for you to help her validate that her medical treatment was negligent; she wants justice against those who did wrong by her.  She pulls an eight inch thick medical record out of her bag and places it on your desk.  The chart is tattered and the papers are all out of order.  She tells you that she has faith in you to help her and to call when you found something, anything, to substantiate her claims.  At the very least, you agree to review the medical record for merit.  

You think “how am I going to have the time for this? Is this even a complete medical record? Does the case have merit? Are there pre-existing conditions that contributed to her hospitalization?”

I have the solution. 

At Eagle Eye Legal Nurse Consultant, I provide critical value to attorneys by:
  • analyzing medical healthcare records
  • organizing medical record into chronological order
  • reviewing case for merit
  • aid in preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibits for depositions and trials
  • note missing documents and flag inconsistencies found within the medical record
  • provide the attorney with the Standards of Care
  • points out deviations from the standards
  • research medical literature and published guidelines to support the medical issues involved
  • attend Independent Medical Exams
  • locate and obtain expert witnesses
  • create a comprehensive report tailored to your needs 

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